Coil Springs

Coil springs can be split into three main groups: -

Compresion Spring

Compression Springs:

While compression springs are the least expensive coil spring to produce they are also the most durable form of coil spring available. Compression springs are designed to resist linear compressing forces or pushing forces.

The ends can be ground flat so that force is applied squarely to each end of the spring, reducing the tendency to buckle, or to accommodate accurate seating requirements and a reduced solid height that may be imposed by particular applications.

We can produce a wide variety of compression springs in a large range of shapes and sizes to meet your specifications.

Tension Spring

Tension Springs:

Tension springs are commonly attached at both ends to other components and are used to create resistance against linier tensioning forces or pulling forces. These springs can be supplied with open hooks, closed eyes or various other forms of attachment on the ends and they can normally be made complete on a CNC spring forming machine.

The weakest point of a Tension spring is where the body of the spring forms into the hook or eye; however there are several design methods that we can employ to resolve this issue, ensuring high quality Tension springs to meet your demands.

Torsion Spring

Torsion springs:

Torsion springs are designed to resist twist or rotationally applied force, they have a body of coils with “legs” that are commonly attached to other components that exert torque when rotated around the spring. Torsion springs can store and release energy or they can statically hold a mechanism in position by deflecting the legs from the body’s axis.

A torsion spring applies an opposing force to push adjoining components back to their original position. Various “leg” configurations are available from straight to hook ends and Torsion spring ends can be bent, looped, twisted or hooked to specification. We can produce long life Torsion springs for use in a wide variety of applications including electronics, door handles and even clipboards.

Specialised Production and packing

Our Chinese and Korean factories have the latest CNC machinery to produce high quality precision products at a very competitive cost.

If tangling is a problem we can assist by offering a number of customised packing options including vacuum formed plastic trays or individual wrapping.